Jett Vaultz

2D Animator


Powerhouse Animation Studios, Inc. | Character Layout/TGA Artist | December 2022 - present

Castlevania: Nocturne

Titmouse, Inc. | Retakes Animator | February - November 2022


Powerhouse Animation Studios, Inc. | Freelance Character Layout Artist | November 2021 - November 2022

Castlevania: Nocturne

• Redrawing characters in rough storyboard panels so that they are tight and on-model

Titmouse, Inc. | Freelance 2D Animator | April - May 2021

Love, Death + Robots Vol.3 - "Kill Team Kill"

• 2nd key and tie-down animation

Titmouse, Inc. | Character Designer | December 2020 - February 2022


Freelance September-November 2020

• Also provided some pre-vis character designs, and draw-overs for animation

Ja Film | 2D Animation Intern | August - October 2020

• Explored character expressions and special poses

• Assisted lead character designer with layouts and turnarounds

• Animated pencil tests for characters

Character Artist/Illustrator | Freelance | 2019 - 2020

• Design and illustrate characters based on given descriptions and references

• Generate character concept art, gestural examples, and color palettes for client as needed

Kwon's Wellness, Inc. | Volunteer/Assistant instructor | 2009 - 2017

• Reinforced training and helped foster/develop student understanding of the material

• Coached and motivated each student to more effectively train their mind and body together

• Lead and managed sections of the class in training different aspects of the art

Exquisite Glass & Stone, Inc. | Designer, Stone Carver | 2009 - 2016

• Designed and cut stencils for sinage and artwork to be sandblasted on glass, mirror, and stone

• Created renderings for previews of finished artwork based on given criteria

• Chiselled and sandblasted lettering into stone both on site, for installation, and for sample reviews



• 2D Hand-drawn Animation • Character Animation • Character Turnarounds/Expressions • Drawing • Digital Painting
• Clay Sculpture • Bookbinding • Screen/Woodblock Printing, Lithography, Intaglio • Wood/Metalworking • Stone Letter Carving • Mouldmaking/Casting • MIG/TIG Welding • Amateur furniture-making

Software & Languages

• Clip Studio Paint • TVPaint • Toon Boom Storyboard Pro • Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro • LaTeX • Windows • MacOS • Unix • Microsoft Office Suite • Google Sheets, Forms, Apps Script • Javascript/P5js • Python • HTML/CSS • Arduino

• English - native language

• Danish - intermediate level

• Korean - beginner level


Carnegie Mellon University | May 2020

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Electronic & Time-based Media

Minor in Physical Computing

• Social History of Animation

• Expanding the Graphic Novel

• Experimental Game Design

• Chance Protocols - Procedural Animation

• Character Rigging for Production

• Human Machine Virtuosity

• Rapid Prototype Design

• Special topic: Rapid Prototyping technologies

• Introduction to Physical Computing

• Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science

• Signals and Systems

• Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering

• Calculus in 3D

• Machine Shop and Metrology

Roskilde University | Fall 2014, Denmark

Natural Science Program (Mathematics and Computer Science)

• NIB First Semester Project Course:

"Speech-to-text: A Computer's Guide to the Human Language"

Co-written with: Bryan Houston and Samuel Otteskov


Narutosakuga Project | LO/Key Animator | May 2020 - May 2021

Studio Tonton - Amateur animation studio creating fan-made animation, following the Japanese animation pipeline

• Provided layout and key/2nd key animation

• Watch the Naruto Fan-made Opening here

Snake-ku's Birthday | Illustrator, Vis-Dev, Animator | August 2018 - May 2019

Senior Thesis - Carnegie Mellon University

• Co-developed the story, characters, and imagery

• Created the storyboards, in-game illustrations, and animation

Senior Exhibition Catalogue | Co-designer | Spring 2019

CMU School of Art Senior Exhibition

• Collaborated with a team to design the catalogues printed for the senior class' show

How to Cook: Vegetarian Edition | Programmer and Animator | December 2018

Experimental Game Design - Carnegie Mellon University

• Created the sprite animations and effects

• Wrote entire game from scratch in P5*js, while utilizing the library for sprite animation

• Included in "Priceless Play, 29 December 2018" on

"House Style" | Contributing Artist | Fall 2018

Expanding the Graphic Novel – Carnegie Mellon University

• Developed a three-page comic in the given style, with each student's compiled into a book

• Printed and perfect-bound the books with a small team of the other classmates

"Speech-to-text: A Computer’s Guide to the Human Language" | Co-writer | Fall 2014

NIB First Semester Project Course - Roskilde University

• Worked in a team to delve into the inner workings of ASR and how it is applied to solve certain problems we have in our society

• Created and ran ASR tests, analyzed mechanics and transmission of speech

• Learned and utilized LaTex to more neatly format our writings and figures


• Carnegie Mellon Pipes and Drums, snare drum | October 2017-present

• Band placed 1st, and won best drum corps, in the Grade 3 competition at the 2022 Norfolk, VA American Pipe Band Championships

Carnegie Mellon University

• Astronomy Club

• Spring Carnival, AstroClub Booth | Lead artist, designer

• 1st place in Blitz Booth category | 2016, 2017

• Carnegie Mellon Pipes and Drums, snare drum

• Band placed 1st in Grade 3 competition at the 2019 Norfolk, VA American Pipe Band Championships

• Kiltie Band, percussion

• Tartan Wind Ensemble, percussion

• Københavns Roklub (Copenhagen's Rowing Club) | 2014, Denmark

• Soo Bahk Do, Moo Duk Kwan | 2004-2017

• Earned 2nd degree, black belt | Soo Bahk Do MDK Dan Testing, April 2016, NY

• First Place in age division for Hyung (Forms) | Soo Bahk Do National Festival Competition, 2010, NJ